Former Managing Director, OPF


Former Managing Director, OPF


Positions Held:

Managing Director, Overseas Pakistanis Foundation
From 17.02.2010 to 09.06.2011 and From 04.08.2014 to 20.07.2016

Main Responsibilities
To advance the social welfare of Overseas Pakistanis and their families in Pakistan by identifying their problems and by contributing to their solutions.

Director General, Bureau of Immigration and Overseas Employment
From 09.06.2011 to 04.08.2014.

Main Responsibilities:-

(a) To promote emigration of citizens of Pakistan, to control and regulate such emigration and to look after the interest and welfare of emigrants.

Secretary, Overseas Pakistanis Foundation
From March 1990 to July, 1993
From May 1999 to August 2000
From December 2002 to May 2007
From 28th July, 2008 to 16 February 2010.

Headed Welfare and Services Division, OPF
From 19 August 1997 to 07 May 1999 &
From 15 August 2000 to 15 December 2002

Headed Training and MIS Division, OPF
From 31.05.2007 to 29.03.2008

Community Welfare Counselor, Embassy of Pakistan, Abu Dhabi, UAE
From July, 1993 to August 1994

Community Welfare Counselor, Consulate General of Pakistan, Dubai, UAE
From August, 1994 to August, 1997

Main Responsibilities:-

Promotion of export of manpower from Pakistan abroad, welfare of the emigrants, safeguarding the interest of emigrants in the host country including settling of the disputes and negotiations with their employers and to attend all complaints of the emigrants and find adequate remedy thereof.

Total service 37 Years

Retired as Managing Director, OPF w.e.f 20-07-2016
in Management Scale (M-I) equivalent to BS-22