Wasim Sajjad

Former President of Pakistan and former Chairman, Senate of Pakistan.

Wasim Sajjad

Former President of Pakistan and former Chairman, Senate of Pakistan.
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Academic Career:
1. Graduated from the Punjab University in 1961 obtaining 1st Class with Honours in English.
2. Stood first in F.E.L. and LL.B. Examinations of the Punjab University held in 1962 and 1963 winning Gold Medals.
3. Stood first in Jurisprudence in the F.E.L. Examination of the Punjab University held in 1962. Awarded Gold Medal.
4. Stood first in M.A. (Political Science) Examination of the Punjab University held in 1964. Awarded Gold Medal.
5. Additionally awarded three Gold Medals for Public speaking during University career.
6. Won the Ruchi Ram Sahni Declamation Prize from the Punjab University.
7. Won the Krishan Kishore Grover Declamation Prize of the Punjab University.
8. Placed on the Roll of Honour of University Law College, Lahore, in 1963 for outstanding performance as debater, sportsman and student.
9. Selected RHODES Scholar from Pakistan for studies at Oxford University in 1964.
10. Secured Honours in Jurisprudence from Oxford University in 1966.
11. Secured the degree of B.C.L. (Bachelor of Civil Laws) from Oxford University in 1967.
12. Secured the degree of M.A. from Oxford University.
13. Barrister-at-Law from the Inner Temple London.
14. President, Oxford University Islamic Society — 1966.
15. President, Oxford University Pakistan Society — 1965 to 1966.
16. President, Oxford University Birkenhead Society — 1965 to 1967.
17. Secretary, Wadham College Oxford (Junior Common Room) — 1966.
18. Elected Honorary Fellow Wadham College Oxford.

Legal Career:
1. Appeared in a large number of cases of Constitutional and Legal importance before the High Court and Supreme Court of Pakistan in which human rights issues were involved.
2. Requested to appear as Amicus Curiae by Full Bench of the Lahore High Court in matter relating to Constitutional validity of Martial Law.
3. Lecturer in Constitutional Law at University Law College Lahore from 1967 to 1977.
4. Head of the Law Firm: Sajjad Law Associates, Islamabad-Pakistan.

Special Assignments:
He attended the International Islamic Summit as Representative of President of Pakistan at Dakar, Senegal, in 1993. He represented the President of Pakistan at the funeral of Mr. Turgat Ozal, the President of Turkey.

He was sent as Special Envoy of the President of Pakistan to Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon in 2000. He was also sent as Special Envoy of the Prime Minister to a number of countries on special assignments. He was nominated to the Eminent Persons Group of the OIC by the Government of Pakistan.

Visited the U.S.A. as Leader of the Delegation to hold talks on the Nuclear Issue with the U.S. Government.

He is the Recipient of the Highest Diplomatic Award by the President of South Korea.

Other Positions:
1. President, Foundation for Advance of Science & Technology (FAST)
2. Chancellor, National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences, Islamabad, Pakistan.

He has visited over fifty countries including U.S.A., Great Britain, Canada, India, Bangladesh, France, West Germany, China, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Japan, Syria, Libya, Poland, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, North Korea, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Oman, Australia, New Zealand, Myanmar, Algeria, Kenya, and South Africa.

Other Activities:
Was Captain of the Law College Tennis Team and has served as President, Pakistan Tennis Federation from 1991 to 1995.